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The internet is essential in 21st century life for education, business and social interaction. As children get older, their access to various types of technology increases and it stands to reason that their exploration and curiosity online increases too. The positives of the digital world overwhelmingly outweigh the negatives but children, schools and parents all need to be aware of various online risks and how to safeguard against them. 

At The Grove, our intent is to ensure that all of our children have the knowledge and skills needed to keep themselves safe online. We intent to integrate Online Safety skills into a range of curriculum areas, consistently reinforcing the importance of key safety aspects such as sharing concerns with adults and not sharing key information when online.

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All teachers have received training and consistent access to the National Online Safety Platform which the school have subscribed to in order to ensure that our Online Safety teaching and resourcing is always up to date and effective.

All children receive weekly sessions related on Online Safety, in additional to more reactive sessions which may be a result of a reported incident or growing concern linked to children of that age.

Online Safety is a key safeguarding issue and an area that effects our children every day both inside and outside of school- this is how it is a viewed and promoted across the school which ensures that it is always prioritised and recognised as an important subject for all children at The Grove.

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Children across the school can discuss Online Safety and the share the knowledge and skills they have been given to keep themselves safe online.

Online Safety incidents are reported quickly by staff or children do to all stakeholders having a key understanding of behaviour that is and is not acceptable online and how to address any incident of un-acceptable behaviour that they may encounter.

Staff are aware of the importance of a robust coverage of Online Safety within their classrooms and this is reflected in the excellent teaching of it across the school.

The school’s use of the National Online Safety Platform ensures that staff feel confident to access the planning and resources they need to equip children with the knowledge and skills they need to keep themselves safe when online.


At The Grove we follow the SMART Rules:

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If you would like to share any information or require any further support please do not hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher or complete one of these concern forms and send it to: admin@grove.wilts.sch.uk

Please read the policy below to see how we are supporting your child(ren) with Online Safety at school.

Your help is always needed to prevent your child(ren) accessing inappropriate material at home which you can support by using filters and parental controls. Look below at our extensive list of links and resources for Parents/Carers, Teachers and Young People to help you with your child’s online safety at home.


Jessie & Friends: 4-7 year olds (thinkuknow.co.uk)

Band Runner for 8-10 year olds (thinkuknow.co.uk)

A parent's guide to privacy settings (thinkuknow.co.uk)

Parent's guide to personal information (thinkuknow.co.uk)

Using parental controls (thinkuknow.co.uk)

Apps guide for parents | Internet Matters

Social media advice hub | Internet Matters

In addition to these links, all Grove parents can gain free access to the National Online Safety Mobile App using the link that has been sent out via ParentMail and within several Friday Flyers. Please contact the School Office if you would like this re-sent.

Three times a year, our Online Safety Coordinator produces a Newsletter with up to date advice and guidance for parents related to current Online Safety issues. These newsletters are sent out to parents through ParentMail but can also be accessed below.

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