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Role of the Governing Body

The Governing Body at The Grove Primary School operates at a strategic level and has 3 core functions:

  • To set the vision and strategic direction of the school.
  • Hold the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school.
  • Oversee the financial performance of the school, making sure its money is well spent.

School governors are volunteers and can be parents/carers of pupils at the school, school staff or individuals drawn from the wider community.  Being a school governor is a rewarding way to be involved in the education of young people and the local community.  The most important qualities for being a governor are enthusiasm, commitment and an interest in education

At The Grove we currently have 6 Governors.  The Full Governing Body (FGB) normally meets once every term, i.e. 6 times per year.  In addition to the FGB meetings there are 4 sub-committees which meet approximately once per term.  The sub-committees and their responsibilities are as follows:

Finance and Premises

Chair:  Ellie Alderdice

           Jayne Bullock

Ellie Timms

The primary purpose of the committee is to oversee the Financial Management of the school, ensuring that school funds are used appropriately and that the right financial decisions are being made. This committee also monitors and reviews the health and safety policy of the school, considers reports of inspections and discusses new regulations received from the Local Authority (LA) or the Health & Safety Executive (HSE). 

Curriculum and Education

Chair: Ellie Timms

           Jayne Bullock

Ellie Alderdice

Sophie Miller

The Curriculum and Education Committee looks at all aspects of how our children learn and behave in the school.  As Governors we need to ensure that pupils are making the best possible progress and achieving high standards in all subjects. Governors monitor the effectiveness of The Groves No 1 Programme. 


Chair: Ellie Alderdice

Ellie Timms

Jayne Bullock

The role of the staffing committee is to ensure that all procedures relating to the recruitment, selection and appointment of all staff in school meet statutory and safeguarding requirements.   The committee will review staffing, absence, sickness and capability issues when required and ensure the staff appraisal system is operating effectively.


Chair:  Jayne Bullock

Ellie Timms

Ellie Alderdice

The Governing Body has a collective responsibility for safeguarding at the School. The purpose of the Committee is to assist the Governing Body in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities for Child Protection and Safeguarding at the School, and to provide additional support for the Nominated Safeguarding Governor.

Contacting the Governing Body

We welcome and value your comments. Letters to the governing body should be addressed to the Chair and handed in to the school office.  Alternatively, you can contact the Clerk to Governors by email: dholland@grove.wilts.sch.uk.   If you have concerns relating to the day to day running of the school these should, in the first instance, be referred to the Headteacher.

Governor Monitoring Areas

In addition to visiting school on a regular basis, governors also formally monitor activities to ensure that strategies and policies are being implemented appropriately and provide feedback to the governing body on school activities. The areas for governor monitoring change each year according to the school’s priorities.


Governance at The Grove Primary School

This document promotes transparency around the function of the Governing Body and sets out the purpose, expected outcomes and methods of our constitution.

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