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With technology being an integral part of everyday life, we at The Grove, feel that each child should experience all aspects of technology; from the use of computers and laptops to exploring tablets and other technical devices. We intend to expose children to different uses for technology, that they may not experience outside of school, and ensure we are challenging their technology based skills. We want to ensure children build up a bank of technology based vocabulary, alongside a clear understanding of it, that will allow them to function confidently within an ever more technology focused world.

We recognise that children have an increasing access to a range of technologies and therefore to the internet. Due to this, children need have a developing understanding and awareness of ever changing issues relating to Online Safety as they progress through the school. From this, children will be able to make appropriate choices in taking the steps necessary to make sure they are safe and supported if things go wrong.


At The Grove, teachers aim plan a range lessons and activities using different technologies and equipment to meet the expectations as set out in the National Curriculum. As a school, we have a designated computer suite with access to a range of programs designed to meet the objectives that need to be taught. In addition to this, there are two mobile laptop trolleys and a class set of Ipads. Computing is taught weekly and monitoring is carried out by the Computing lead teacher. Each unit that is taught also encompasses an element of Online Safety.

Lessons are planned in depth Throughout the course of a six week block, basic skills are built upon. This allows children to review their work and for teachers to cover any misconceptions and to challenge the children’s knowledge and understanding further. Where possible, we embed Computing within class topics and ensure it is being used as much as possible in a cross curricular way, to encourage technological fluency for all children when using a range of equipment.

At The Grove, we are always looking for efficient and non-intrusive ways to monitor ad track the teaching and learning of Computing. Over the course of each year, we aim to streamline the ways in which we plan, record and monitor learning.


Our approach to leading the children through the Computing Curriculum aims to allow children to experience a rich diet of activities and skills ensuring they show growing confidence in the different areas taught. Evidence of children’s work is saved on the school Shared Area where staff and the subject leader can monitor the quality of work produced. Where lessons do not lend themselves to being saved on the school system, pictures are often taken and loaded into specific evidence folders. This range of evidence being collected allows us to identify children’s abilities and ensure we are effectively supporting or challenging them, depending on their individual needs. At The Grove, we want to ensure children have fun and enjoy all elements of Computing including the use of the internet. We celebrate Safer Internet Day and collect evidence of consistent Online Safety lessons by using our Online Safety Scrapbooks.

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