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Vision Intent Implementation Impact Statement(2)

A Musical Journey at The Grove

Children in EYFS and Year 1 are encouraged to move in time to music and love the high quality resources on Charanga. Songs are often linked to other areas of the curriculum and help children to remember key information. Children are encouraged to explain why they like or dislike music. This sets the foundations for high quality listening and appraising later on in the school.

During their time in Year 2, children have their first experience of playing a tuned instrument. Children undergo regular whole class recorder lessons lead by their class teacher. From this they develop listening skills and begin to read music. A skill that is built on throughout their time at The Grove.

Year 3, children experience a whole year of djembe drum lessons which are provided by a specialist First Access teacher. The impact of this means the every child during their time at The Grove will receive high quality music tuition on a weekly basis for a whole year. Children build on many life skills during these sessions including resilience, teamwork and determination. These qualities help them to become more rounded individuals.

Later on in Key Stage 2 children further develop their listening and appraising skills by listening to a whole variety of music. The programme Charanga is used to aid the children in learning the glockenspiel.  This also builds on the music reading skills which were first established in Year 2. We also look at the early stages of composition through improvisation. Children also use iPads and other technology to further develop these compositional skills.

Music Progression of Knowledge and Skills at The Grove

Music Vocabulary

Useful and Fun Websites and Apps

Easy Music

Aimed at five-year-olds and up, Easy Music is an accessible introduction to music theory for children, with animated characters teaching them to recognise notes, pitch, melody and rhythm. Once they have the basics, it’s time to start composing their own music, with a colourful rainbow piano to show off.

Toc and Roll

Toc and Roll is a beautifully-crafted app that aims to encourage children to start writing their own songs – using its bank of samples of various instruments, as well as recording their own singing. It’s a GarageBand for primary-school children, with cute characters but also lots of depth for young composers.

Kapu Bloom Tunes

Kapu Bloom Tunes is a creative app, blending as it does music and finger-painting on the screen. Children trace their fingers on the garden scene to make melodies, while also sprouting a plant that will sing nursery rhymes. It’s a relaxing, peaceful app that’s a lot of fun.

Let’s Go To The Opera

This isn’t about making music, but rather learning about its history: and opera specifically. Children are introduced to the music and its live setting, with characterful illustrations and information that steers clear of dryness. iOS parents may wish to also try the same developer’s ‘Play Opera’, which includes five pieces to listen to.

BBC Ten Pieces

This website opens up the world of classical music to 7-14 year olds through exciting films, lesson plans, instrumental arrangements and live events

Bring the Noise 

Bring the Noise from the BBC have compiled some great at-home musical ideas for primary aged children including videos, resources, games and teaching tips.

The CBBC Website Music Section 

This website has song clips, chart information, quizzes, performances and you can also check out music tutorials from Andy and the Band on their minisite.

Sing Up 
Sing Up at Home has themed playlists of songs to fit every mood – including songs to calm and relax you, songs to get you moving, and empowering songs to lift you up. There are also songs and activities for learning about topics and every week, a new Song of the week will feature an engaging teaching video and audio tracks, lyrics, musical score and various activities that go along with it. For those running virtual choirs, we have compiled a range of warm-ups, unison songs, and songs in parts, complete with performance, backing, and rehearsal tracks.

Bounce Patrol

Bounce Patrol on YouTube have great performances and animations of nursery rhymes and kids songs for younger children

The Grove Choir Resources

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