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Life in Willow Class

This term, Year 5 have been making a SPLASH! – diving enthusiastically into their learning and enjoying a trip to Trowbridge Library and John of Gaunt School for a pupil-led Maths challenge.

In their writing, the children have debated ‘Should water be free to everyone?’. This led to some interesting discussions about the costs incurred with water processing, offset by the fundamental needs that we have for water as part of our human rights.

Also in English, they retold a key part of our topic book story, ‘This morning I met a whale’ (which had a very sad ending!) and impressed us with their use of powerful vocabulary, structure of their writing and use of sentence types. Writing in character, the children set out to evoke empathy and compassion with the reader – something that we have been practising as part of our creative writing process!

In Geography, we have been learning about rivers and the water cycle: this has linked perfectly to our cross-curricular learning in English, where we have written detailed texts to explain each stage of the cycle. To give purpose to our writing, we have been able to find an audience for our explanations, and have enjoyed sharing our texts with the lovely children in EYFS!

In Music, we have been focusing on identifying sounds within a rainforest sound track. We then used a range of school instruments to re-create the piece of music, thinking carefully about how to achieve the sound (for example using drums to represent lightning).

It has been another wonderful, hard working term!

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