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Life in Walnut Class

Some extraordinary writing has flowed from the Shackleton topic this term with children pushing themselves further than ever in the development of writing structures and their use of language, mirroring the determination shown by the crew of The Endurance over one hundred years before. We could not be prouder!

The Year 6 children are no less extraordinary as they showed a wonderful commitment to the Spelling Bee challenge, raising money for their end of year celebrations – a big thank you to everyone who supported the children in their learning of so many tricky words – a truly demanding run up to the event.

The school’s number 1 programme continues to give the children food for thought. This term, children discussed “empathy” and the importance of this as a character trait of real quality, understanding the change it can bring to individuals, our wider communities and the larger world stage. Through Art, they designed their own representations of moments of empathy.

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