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Life in Silver-Birch

Year One have had a wonderfully busy time learning about Who’s Who this term.

We started our topic by finding out ‘Who’s Who’ at The Grove. We invited lots of different people who work in our school into our classrooms to ask them questions in order to find out more about them and their jobs. We then wrote up fact files about them.

We have also enjoyed learning about a wide range of different influential people. We read about Dwayne Johnson, Marcus Rashford, Great Thunberg and Malala and wrote letters to them to tell them what we admired most about them.

We have spent several lessons finding out a lot of facts about King Charles. We used Zoom to ask questions to someone who knew the king and Nancy and Connie’s Nana came into school to tell us all about her visit to Buckingham Palace. We learnt that two people called Tick and Tock look after all the clocks in the palace and that the chandeliers are cleaned using slices of bread! She very kindly gave us flags and crowns to decorate. We were delighted with them!

In History, we have been busy researching facts about our House Captains to be able to answer our enquiry question: Why are our House Captains significant individuals? We worked in our Houses to research interesting facts about our House Captain and we presented our research by making a giant poster. Not only did we develop our research skills but we also learned a lot about working as part of a group.

Year One are developing into very confident mathematicians and we have really enjoyed carrying out investigations such as measuring out different amounts of liquids to create our own potions.

Our focus in Science has been based on finding out about the human body and we have carried out several investigations using our Five Senses. We went for a walk around the school grounds recording what we could see, hear, touch and smell. We also had fun carrying out smell and taste tests

In Art and DT, we have been drawing portraits of King Charles III. We learnt about the artist, Yayoi Kusama. Then we measured frames using rulers and card, and framed our portraits of the King. In the polka dot style of Yayoi Kusama, we decorated the frames using felt pens, tissue paper, felt and crepe paper.


To finish off our topic, we are having a fabulous day dressing up as a famous influential people. We are so excited for the children to come up with their own ideas and present themselves to the class through hot seating. We are also going to be searching the forest for hidden famous people and make our very own puppets using split pins so they can move!!

We hope you all have a lovely half-term holiday and we can’t believe we will be returning for our final term in Year One!

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