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Life in Laurel Class

Shiver me timbers… another term has flown in EYFS. Yet again, this term has been filled to the brim with magical learning, it really was the pirate life for us!

We have once again been amazed by the wonders of spring as the tadpoles, who we collected last term, developed legs, arms and lost their tails. We are now the proud owners of tiny froglets which we released into the wild to live out their lives. I think it is safe to say that these little creatures are the most loved and appreciated tadpoles in Wiltshire!

Our wonderful ducklings hatched over the Easter holidays and we meeting our fluffy friends. The ducklings now live with Mrs Gingell’s sister, Emma who has a pond, and everything else a duck would need. We were very fortunate that Emma brought the ducklings to visit us to we could see how they had grown. We were even able to see them go for a swim! Did you know the duckling’s favourite food is tenderstem broccoli?

One of our most fun sessions this term was when we tested which items sink, and which float. Mrs Gingell and Mrs Fish brought in a tank and filled it with water. We tested different materials to see if the sunk or floated. Did you know a water bottle will sink with the lid off, but float with the lid on? We then continued this learning outside where we tested to see which bit of our equipment sink or float. The children late used their knowledge of floating and sinking to design and make pirate boats!

This term we were introduced to the wonders of coding through using the beebots. We had great fun learning how to use these little creatures and watched as they followed our instructions. Our learning was then further developed by drawing maps, and coding the beebots to find the treasure. 

Our pirate topic was rounded off by a visit from the mysterious and marvellous Captain Jim! The children looked amazing in their pirate costumes and made fantastic pirates. Captain Jim said that they would all be welcome on his ship, The Black Toenail! After lunch, the children made their own jam sandwiches. We then carried our sandwiches outside to eat them and found that Captain Jim had left us a chest full of a delicious picnic!  

Life on the high seas has been wonderful and we cannot wait to dive into our last topic of the year, “On the Move”.

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