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Life in Silver-Birch

Year One have loved their ‘Our Amazing Planet’ topic and we have learnt and achieved so much in the last six weeks!

We have made our own lift-the flap books about our planet explaining in our own words why our world is warming up, how our climates are changing and how we can all help to save our planet. The results were fantastic and we are very proud of how our writing skills have developed.

We have become very passionate about our environment and we understand the importance of putting our litter in the bin or taking it home with us. We did a litter pick around our school grounds and we were shocked at how many bags we filled! We have made posters to remind everyone where litter must go – look out for these around our school!

In Science, we have learnt about the amazing contributions animals make to our planet. We have learnt about the characteristics of different animal groups and we worked together to make animal hotels which would be suitable for their needs. We have been amazed to learn about the important jobs even small creatures likes bees and worms do for our planet.

There is nothing more amazing than seeing a rainbow so we rounded off our topic with a ‘Rainbow Day’, coming to school dressed in the colours of the rainbow. We had such a busy day, working together to create rainbow poems, investigating the number seven, observing how we can make a rainbow from Skittles and mixing colours to paint our own rainbows.

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