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Life in Laurel Class

This term the children have been learning about Spring! We have had a wonderful time looking around our school grounds searching for signs of Spring.  The children extended their learning further during Science Week where the theme was “growing”.  Here the children studied the life cycles of frogs, chickens, seeds and butterflies. During this term the children have collected frogspawn from the school pond, watched caterpillars turn in cocoons, planted peas and looked at the structure of plants.  

We could not believe it when the eggs we had been nurturing for 3 weeks hatched out in front of our very eyes!!! Each class had been left 4 eggs by the famous Hattie Peck! We discovered that Hattie Peck sent us a letter from India asking us to look after her children until she returns. The children will be able to look after and care for the chicks until they are collected next term and taken to their new farm.

After we found out that Hettie Peck was on holiday in India we started to learn about facts about the Country and the festival of Holi. In Maths to make a link India the children made model using 3D shape of the Taj Mahal. We learn that this famous building is in India and is also symmetrical. We have has an eggcellent Term 4!

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